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Take a look below about what our clients are saying about us, our treatments and courses.


"You have golden hands!"

"Best massage of my life! Ana is not only very professional, but also has an amazing energy."

"All I can say is that every massage is a new awakening process for me. Thank you, Ana."

" Today (one day after deep tissue massage) my blood circulation is much better. My hands and feet are definitely warmer. I am feeling my blood flowing through my whole body."

"Best massage of my life! My pain is gone."

"Massage that takes you to another place. I loved it."

"Every massage I have with Ana is a gift,  she teaches me and has helped me so much with those problems that we keep and become recorded in the body and soul."

"Ana is a super professional. Delicate and impressive touch that makes you enter another dimension. A unique experience I recommend. Congratulations, Ana, for the delicacy, welcoming and professionalism."

"I had the great pleasure of experiencing Thai massage in two ways: one as a patient and one as a student.As a patient: I was amazed by the feeling I had of being taking care of when I received Ana's Thai massage.I managed to have deep muscle and mental relaxation.Ana left me with an indescribable peace of mind."


"Put all my ideas in place.  It was like a disk defragmentation. It was as if my thoughts were real physical things and I saw them being organized in a real way. I saw a lot of things going through my head very quickly and then it went slowly

 and calm and organized! In the following days I could think clearly. Loved it! - Ingrid - Sao Paulo, Brazil"

"In one word: Amazing!- Andrea - Sao Paulo, Brazil"

"The bars cleared my mind. Everything is simple now. I don't know how to explain how, but it is. Thank you!  Anonymous - Sao Paulo, Brazil"

"About three years ago I had heard about the Access Bars, but I had no idea what it could be.

Last year, I started to watch videos  to understand how it worked.  I was in love with the testimonials of the people who commented on its benefits. 

But there was a problem:  I could not afford the amount that was charged.  Until one day I woke up and wondered how I could get the bars?  These questions were already part of the Access Consciousness process I had seen on Youtube.

And , I was amazed how I got the answer: I went to my dentist the same day and she commented to me that she had a person who applied popularly priced Access Bars. 

On August 23rd, I had my first 30 minute session and since then the pace of my life set another tone. 

My communication has significantly improved with my daughters. 

I found it so amazing what happened after the session that I wrote in a diary.  In the third session,  I realized that my creativity had potentiated, this was a very important factor for my work.  Because it depended on creativity to have more work possibilities.  By the sixth session I had managed to close a big project: the money I didn't have started to appear. 

I confess that I was frightened and very grateful, because everything fell into place as if the mental structures had been aligned. 

And with each session I could unlock postures and behaviours that had been disturbing me for years. 

Today, I can say that I am a better and prosperous person in every way after the Access Bars. 

My tip for you: try it if you can! -  Claudia - Sao Paulo, Brazil"


"I did the abdominal massage with Ana and I really enjoyed it. After the massage, I had a better sleep at night and one thing that caught my attention was the sentimental issue. The feelings of fear and anxiety that are strong in me have improved. At the points that accumulate these energies I felt uncomfortable at the time of massage and now I am feeling that they are unlocking, I am becoming more aware of them.
After the massage, I felt relief from bloating and my intestines were working better." Adriana from Aracaju, Brazil


"I had the great pleasure of experiencing Thai massage in two ways: one as a patient and one as a student.
As a patient:
I was amazed by the feeling I had of being taking care of when I received Ana's Thai massage.
I managed to have deep muscle and mental relaxation.
Ana left me with an indescribable peace of mind.
As a student: wonderful course.
It was a weekend of total mental and body surrender. Ana is indescribable. Her patience in showing movements, in teaching each position, in exchanging experiences is indescribable.
I am very happy to have participated in this immersion and meet this professional who already became a fan.
Gratitude Ana!

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