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Multidimensional Therapy

Multidimensional Therapy is an energetic healing that works with the integral healing of the four bodies – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

This therapy is led directly by the beings of light depending on the patient’s life situations.


The therapist is only the intermediary channel between the patient and the beings of light. Its scope of action covers all matters of the psychic and spiritual world working various aspects of the being such as the ‘inner child’, the ‘shadow’, etc. All work is conducted by the Beings of Light continually respecting the law of free will.

Multidimensional Therapy, which can also be called ‘Healing by the Heart’ is an extraordinary part in the process of ascension into the fifth dimension. It uses the heart as a multidimensional portal through which we can have access to all the dimensions available.

Put simply, everything that blocks us and prevents us from fully exercising our potential on earth and feeling at peace can be cured in this form of therapy; In a more practical way, in what cases, specifically, can it be used?

– Rebalancing the masculine and feminine (yin and yang).

– Healing of personal, loving and professional relationships – disharmony, contracts made in this life or in past life that bind two people who no longer do good to each other; jealousy, insecurity, fear.

– Healing of self-esteem and self-confidence.

– Clarity to resolve issues and make decisions.

– Overcoming the so-called ‘dark night of the soul’, a phase of life in which one begins to undress from his old self to make room for a more evolved self, but still is not clear which way to go (profession, relationship, home).

– Procrastination.

– Forgiveness of oneself and others, freeing oneself from guilt.

– Healing of feelings related to the loss (or possibility of loss) of a loved one – mourning, divorce.

– Disputes (over inheritances/sharing/guardianship/difficult separations), especially when involving someone who is no longer present.

– Healing of repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs.

– Healing of the inner child and what is involved with it (abandonment by parents, rejection, violence).

– Harmonisation of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.

– Healing of undercurrent emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, apathy, lack of energy.

– Healing of traumas.

– Termination of contracts and vows, such as poverty and chastity made in this life or in past lives; to ‘love someone forever’.

– Opening financial and professional paths.

– Healing of thought patterns or habits related to money, prosperity and abundance.

– Opening of spiritual paths.

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