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Learn how to give a relaxing Thai Yoga Massage

For whom?


There are no prerequisites.

No need to be a massage therapist.

This event is for those who wish to learn to apply the technique of thai massage.
Recommended for anyone who works with body care (massage therapists, personal trainers, healers) as well as for those who are not yet professional, but have a genuine interest with massage as a form of healing therapy.

You will be taught the walkthrough of a 1 hour session of thai massage.

You will learn the basics steps to give a proper relaxing thai massage.

It is possible to work with this technique, serving clients after the workshop. Just recommend, practice on friends, family and classmates until you feel safe to start booking paid appointments.

The course is totally practical. There is no theory.

The student will receive a booklet and a certificate of participation.

What is thai yoga massage?

Thai yoga massage is done fully clothed, does not use oil and is done on a mat. Thai yoga massage works with stretching and acupressure. The aim of thai yoga massage is to relax mind and body, relieve muscle tension and rebalance your energy flow.

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop: Our Programs
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