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Kobido Facial Massage


Therapies for mind, body and soul for women

Whether you’re looking to experience a body and mind relaxing massage, an emotional detox session, try out an Access Bars® session or even seeking learning opportunities you’ve come to the right place!


Enjoy a variety of holistic treatments and courses at Thai Mandala Holistic Therapies.


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By offering several treatments, Thai Mandala gives you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing healing experience.
Our massages therapies are available for women only.
Learn more about your options below and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Cupping Therapy


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai yoga massage is done fully clothed, does not use oil and is done on a mat. Thai yoga massage works with stretching and acupressure. The aim of thai yoga massage is to relax mind and body, relieve muscle tension and rebalance your energy flow.


A relaxing and intense massage

Deep tissue massage is done with oil. 

Movements are quite slow and the intensity of the pressure applied is quite high.

It reaches deeper layers of the muscle and the fascia. It is a intense and deep massage that aims for deep relaxation and relief from muscle aches and tensions. It's great for those who play sports and feel muscle aches after intense workouts.


An emotional  visceral detox

Chi nei tsang is a non-invasive method of abdominal massage. Chi nei tsang follows the concept that feelings, thoughts and emotions accumulate toxins and blockages in internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdomen, constricting the flow of energy (Chi) along the body. The abdomen (our second brain) can process some emotional garbage, but not all. Having an abdominal massage will help you soften some visceral emotions and help you to feel lighter in your guts!


An amazing treatment

Cupping is an ancient therapy that uses cups placed on your back to create a negative pressure, allowing blood and Qi energy to flow much more freely through your body than previously. This non-invasive treatment is great for improving the health of your vital organs and reducing swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Consider it a one-stop anti-inflammatory treatment for all your aches and pains.

Cupping will be applied after a therapeutic massage.

Reiki Treatment
Speech Therapy Session


An energetic healing  body process

Access Bars®️ is a touch therapy directed at 32 points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. By lightly touch the bars points in your head you experience a sense of clearness in your mind and a sense of complete relaxation. Imagine if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you're not good enough or that you can't accomplish what you dream about. 

Have Access Bars® sessions regularly and see your life changing!


Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido is a Japanese Facial Massage that acts deeply on the skin combining gentle and tonic movements on the face, neck and scalp.

The gentle rhythm and regularity of the gestures ensure a feeling of deep relaxation and bring back life to dull, tired and aged faces.

This facial massage uses percussion and vibration to reach deep into the skin and face muscles.

Although it is appreciated worldwide for its aesthetic benefits, the objective of kobido is above all to improve the overall health of the person. Its beauty and technicality make it an exceptional Japanese art, capable of re-energizing both the body and the mind.

EFT or Tapping

An emotional healing therapy

EFT (emotional freedom technique) or Tapping is a meridian-based healing therapy which the main purpose is to become emotionally free of traumas, fears, anxiety, limited beliefs or anything that is debilitating you.

In this one to one session you will release stuck emotional energy that can help you free yourself to live fully.

The theory behind EFT tapping, as it is often called, is that it works by balancing the body’s energy system. It integrates understanding of the acupuncture meridians with a simple process of tapping on a series of points on the face and upper body.

With EFT you can:

  • Clear stress, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, limiting beliefs, food cravings, physical discomfort, guilt, and more.

  • Replace unwanted limiting beliefs with new positive beliefs

  • Develop your intuition

  • Strengthen your spiritual connection

Multidimensional Therapy

An energetic healing body process

Multidimensional Therapy is an energetic healing that works with the integral healing of the four bodies – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

This therapy is led directly by the Beings of Light depending on the patient’s life situations. The therapist is only the intermediary channel between the patient and the beings of light.


Its scope of action covers all matters of the psychic and spiritual world working various aspects of the being such as the ‘inner child’, the ‘shadow’, etc. All work is conducted by the Beings of Light continually respecting the law of free will.

Put simply, everything that blocks us and prevents us from fully exercising our potential on earth and feeling at peace can be cured in this form of therapy.

Gift vouchers available

You can buy a gift voucher (printed version or e-voucher).

Payments are made by bank transfer.

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My name is Ana Bernal, the founder of Thai Mandala. 
I started my business alone in 2017 from the sofa of my house. All I had was my phone, my massage therapist abilities and a mind full of ideas.
To find out how everything started please click on "Read more" button bellow.

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